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Sonya Articles

Franklin long-list honour for debuts

MANY years ago Deborah Forster interviewed writer Olga Masters, whose first book, a short-story collection, was published when she was in her 60s. "She was a big inspiration," Forster said yesterday, "that you can start things later in life."

Summer Edition

Sonya Hartnett

Clive Peeters real estate division expands

SEVEN more properties worth more than $3 million were to be bought in coming months by the woman who allegedly stole $20 million from Clive Peeters while working in its pay office.

Night Out Ended In Tragedy

IT WAS 725 days ago, or Christmas Eve 2006, that Sonya Howell lost her only daughter.

Sonya Hartnett Wrote The First Of Her 18 Books Aged 13 To Win 'a Bit Of Control' In Her World. As Recipient Of A Rich Prize Regarded As The Nobel For Young People's Fiction, She Commands Even More Influence

MELBOURNE novelist Sonya Hartnett has spent most of her career trying to avoid being pigeonholed as a writer of "young adults' fiction".